Password Recorder

System Spy 2.01.0026

System Spy 2.01.0026: Professional system monitoring utility that spies upong software, keyboard, etc. Diplodock System Spy is a unique computer surveillance utility that helps many people worldwide securely monitor their PCs for keyboard and mouse input, hardware and software usage, internet access, and much more. Unlike other PC monitoring tools, System Spy keeps a very detailed record of what has been happening on ones computer, and can be run in the stealth mode.

Keyboard Guardian 1.02.0056: Professional key logger with stealth mode capabilities
Keyboard Guardian 1.02.0056

passwords, URLs, usernames, etc. It is also useful when Word, or other word processor freezes, this way it`s possible to backup typed text. It has friendly interface, and yet it can be hidden from the screen and removed from Windows task manager list, making it impossible for anyone to easily detect it. Keyboard Guardian can also email log files with recorded data to the specified address every specified amount of time, which is useful to remotely

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Keystroke Recorder 3.1: Record every keystrokes, smart and powerful low-core Key logger engine.
Keystroke Recorder 3.1

Keystroke Recorder is the best selling surveillance software for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity everywhere: in your home or in your office. Keystroke Recorder includes several integrated stealth modules that record: chats, instant messages, emails, websites visited, absolutely all keystrokes, each and every program launched, all passwords and even Windows logon password, usernames and time.

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Keystroke Recorder 5.0.1: Keyboards monitoring tool record keyboard typed keys and records characters
Keystroke Recorder 5.0.1

password. Secretly you can track your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband computer keyboard activities, cheating conversation on you behind your back. The program can be accessed by the user who knows a valid access password. Nobody except you can view the log because it is password protected. Keystroke Recorder logs every password that appears to be input on your computer under all user accounts. Keylogger Features: • Key logger software records

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Invisible Keystroke Recorder Keyboard monitoring software records keystroke saves in encrypted log file
Invisible Keystroke Recorder

password, child activities documents and many other user activities performed on your computer when you are not present. System monitoring software performs recording of activities in hidden mode and its configuration file settings cannot be changed by external users due to password protection facility. Invisible keystroke recorder records all the activities of external/guest user after regular interval of time and sends log record at user specified

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easyvoiprecorder 1.2: Its a small computer application to record VOIP softphones conversations
easyvoiprecorder 1.2

EasyVoipRecorder Its a small computer application to record VOIP softphones conversations.This is a Skype Recorder, Google Talk Recorder, VoipCheap Recorder, VoipStunt Recorder,VoipBuster Recorder, 12Voip Recorder, Yahoo Messenger Recorder, MSN Live Messenger Recorder,Xten Recorder, X-lite Recorder, Firefly Recorder tool.Its the perfect tool for record store, organize and share yours voip conversations.

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MSN Spy Software 6.0.1: Msn spy software record MSN chat conversation without logging in to MSN account.
MSN Spy Software 6.0.1

recorder freeware supports all versions of MSN Instant Messenger. MSN chat recorder software supports multi language chat archive recovery. msn chat recorder free works with all major versions of Microsoft Windows operating system such as 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP professional and all available Vista editions. You can view any MSN chat history on your computer without knowing the password of that account. If you want to spy your kids, friends, employees

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